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Ethiopian Issues

August 22, 2012
International Crisis Group
Ethiopia After Meles

August 22, 2012
Foreign Policy
The Meles Zenawi I Knew

August 22, 2012
Inter Press Service News Agency
Death of Ethiopian Leader Meles Brings ‘Opportunity for Peace’

August 21, 2012
Newsmaker: Meles leaves behind richer, less tolerant Ethiopia

August 21, 2012
The New York Times
Ethiopian Leader’s Death Highlights Gap Between U.S. Interests and Ideals

July 27, 2012
Tizita Wasihun
Land Grabbing; The case of new landlords (pdf)

May 23, 2012
Bokoksa Lubak
Pretentious Global Thinking - Dismal Local Action (pdf)

May 3, 2012
BBC News
Jailed Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega honoured
Awramba Times - YouTube
PEN honors journalist Eskender Nega.avi

April 18, 2012
Aie Zi Guo
UN Must Srop Barbarism in the Middle East (pdf)

March 16, 2012
International Ethiopian Women's Conference a Resounding Success (pdf)

March 3, 2012
Three Amharic Poems: እኔስ….. ተናገርኳት!, ምን ያደርጋል ሀገር…..?, ሀገርም እናት ነች (pdf)

February 28, 2012
Center for Investigative Reporting
Ethiopia: A battle for land and water

January 29, 2012
Ethiopians in the New York City area Held a Historic Panel Discussion at Columbia University

January 25, 2012
Akeldama Hulet
አኬልዳማ ቁጥር 2:
“አቅመ አዳም ላልደረሱ አህዮች የተከለከለ”

November 5, 2011
Assefa Gebremariam
Poem Dedicated to Obang O.Metho

October 5, 2011
Kibru Demeke
Anti-Counter-Terrorism – Zenawi’s Terrorism Law

September 19, 2011
Tegga Lendado
The Dilemma of Ethnocentricity and Democracy in Ethiopia: In the Spirit of Reconciliation

June 29, 2011
Dr G Bekele
The London St. Mary of Debre Tsion Ethiopian Orthodox Church
Some Members Latest Conflict: Good or Evil?

June 14, 2011
African 'Land Grabs' Report Sparks Controversy'

June 8, 2011
US universities in Africa 'land grab'

June 8, 2011
BBC News
Hedge funds 'grabbing land' in Africa

February 16, 2011
Dr G Bekele
The Great Victory of Mankind

February 3, 2011
Dr G Bekele
Ethiopia: Unite to Beat Evil Forces to Make a Better Future Yours

January 27, 2011
Dr G Bekele
Bring Down Ethiopian Dictators Before They Destroy Mother

November 29, 2010
Abbay Media
Leaked Documents to reveal 162 “Secrets” from US Embassy in Addis

October 25, 2010
Conference to discuss and coordinate plans for the upcoming 5th anniversary of the Ethiopian Election Massacrea

October 20, 2010
Reporters without Borders
Five decades after independence, African journalists still seeking freedom

October 18, 2010
CBC News - Jennifer Clibbon
Interview with Leslie Lefkow, on How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia

September 9, 2010
Free Birtukan and All Prisoners of Conscience in Ethiopia

September 8, 2010
guardian.co.uk - Mark Tran
Ethiopian activists in Facebook protest for Birtukan Mideksa

September 7, 2010
Seid Hassan
The Devaluation of the Birr - a Layman’s Guide

August 26, 2010
OilPrice.com - Gregory R. Copley
Energy and Security Issues in the Red Sea Transforming as the Age of Gas Begins in Earnest

June 9, 2010
Zakaariyaas Mulataa
Antidemocratic system of governance in Ethiopia under absolute dictatorship of TPLF regime

June 9, 2010
Irish Times - Jody Clarke
Turning a blind eye to Ethiopia's crimes against its own people

June 6, 2010
Bayissa Demie
Let’s not be distracted by Weyane’s Tactics

April 24, 2010
Ethiopia explosion kills at least five

April 23, 2010
New York Review of Books - Helen Epstein
Cruel Ethiopia

April 15, 2010
Advocacy for Ethiopia
Virginia Declaration of the Conference On Good Governance, Peace, Security and Sustainable Development in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

March 10, 2010
Voice of America - Anyuak Media
Audio Icon Dr. Gregory Stanton’s interview with VOA

East Africa is next hot oil zone

Addis Voice - Lauren Gelfand
Choosing stability over democracy in Ethiopia

Addis Voice - Alem Mamo
Sir Bob Geldof: Defending the indefensible

Oxfam - AlertNet
Ethiopia: Looking for land in a hungry country

Newstatesman - Nicholas Winer
The BBC's allegations over Ethiopian aid: what is the truth?

March 9, 2010
EcadF Ethiopian News
Audio Icon VOA report on land grab in Ethiopia: Incredibly Informative!

March 8, 2010
The Economist
Live Aid-Arms Aid? Was food aid pilfered?

March 7, 2010
How food and water are driving a 21st-century African land grab
John Vidal - The Observer
An Observer investigation reveals how rich countries faced by a global food shortage now farm an area double the size of the UK to guarantee supplies for their citizens   read...

March 3, 2010
Ethiopia famine aid 'spent on weapons'
Martin Plaut - BBC World Service
Millions of dollars in Western aid for victims of the Ethiopian famine of 1984-85 was siphoned off by rebels to buy weapons, a BBC investigation finds.    read...

Rwanda Seeks Extradition of Former First Lady
Alan Boswell - Voice of America
Rwanda is seeking the extradition of a former first lady who was arrested by French authorities Tuesday on genocide-related charges.   read...

March 2, 2010
Statement on the Fragile State of Democracy in Africa
U.S. Senator Russ Feingold - For the Congressional Record    

Ethiopian Opposition Parliamentary Candidate Killed
Jason McLure - Bloomberg.com
An Ethiopian opposition candidate was stabbed to death by six unidentified men in an attack described by government opponents as part of an intimidation campaign by the ruling party ahead of elections in May.

February 26, 2010
Ethiopia's human rights record
BBC iPlayer
The report covers the human rights abuses leading up to the 2010 Elections and discusses the role of the British government. Please forward to 31:55 minutes.    listen...

Land leasing in Ethiopia: a shameless land grab by the rich or an opportunity for the poor?
Food Crisis and the Global Land Grab/BBC World Tonight     read and listen...

February 5, 2010
EFFORT (Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray) emptied Development Bank of Ethiopia
Abebe Gellaw
In mid-January, the ailing Development Bank of Ethiopia (DBE) declared once again that it is in need of rescue funds. The business weekly, Addis Fortune, reported that the bank called on the National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) to inject more capital to refill its empty cash registers.   read... (pdf)

My Sister
Poem by Lemlem Tsegaw - dedicated to all Somali’s women and children
read... (pdf)

January 30, 2010
The new breadbasket of the world?
The Irish Times
As swathes of their country’s land is leased, cleared and prepared for food production by foreign companies, Ethiopians are divided over whether this constitutes ‘agro-colonialism’ or much-needed development, writes MARY FITZGERALD Foreign Affairs Correspondent   read...

January 25, 2010
Ethiopian plane crashes into sea off Beirut
All 90 on board – including two Britons – presumed dead after Ethiopian Airlines flight breaks up mid-air shortly after takeoff    read...

January 23, 2010
So it has come to this end, my fellow citizens? This is a very sad good-bye to all, till we meet again!

Dr. G Bekele

January 20, 2010
2009 Human Rights Watch Report on Ethiopia
Human Rights Watch

January 19, 2010
Can Ethiopia lead the Horn of Africa to Peace and Prosperity?
Prof Said Sh. Samatar

Good Vision For a New Ethiopia
Dr. G Bekele
To Have Been Born in Ethiopia And Or Be An Ethiopian Is, The Greatest Gift God Can Give You & To Be Proud Of That Is, The Greatest Gift You Can Give To God    read...

January 15, 2010
Ethiopia – country of the silver sickle – offers land dirt cheap to farming giants

Addis Ababa sells vast fertile swaths to international companies in effort to introduce large-scale commercial agriculture    read...

January 9, 2010
Jailed but not forgotten: Birtukan Mideksa, Ethiopia's most famous prisoner
Life sentence for Unity for Democracy and Justice leader casts shadow over May elections.    read...

January 9, 2010
Albany city manager lends a hand in Ethiopia
Albany Democrat-Herald
City Manager Wes Hare is back from three weeks in Gambella, Ethiopia, where he assisted in improving public sanitation facilities and in developing a waste disposal system.    read...

January 6, 2010
A Day of Reckoning and Healing: If Not Now, When...?
Rev. Tegga Lendado, PhD.
In the face corruption, mistrust, misunderstanding, recurrent famine, terrorist threats, border tensions, bitter rivalry among politicians, bickering intelligentsia, silent resistance, remote religiosity, futile climate change chatters and diplomacy, etc., we need to seek God's face. There is gross sin in our heart and our house! Generally, our people are religious but without the fear of God. Pride, anger, deceit, malice, jealousy, idolatry, unforgiving spirit, egotism, hedonism, etc., seem to govern our life.    read...

December 31, 2009
New Year Message to Patriotic Ethiopians - Always keep a diamond in your mind!
Leoul Mekonen

December 20, 2009
Ethiopia: Politicians Talk, Leaders Act
Dr G Bekele
Talking of leaders, Mr Obang Metho is one of the very few brilliant & passionate scholars and Ethiopian patriots who had worked tirelessly and put his heart, soul and so much time into... representing Ethiopia’s just causes in front of world authorities to put us on the world scene.    read...

December 17, 2009
African Climate Change: A Call for Environmental Justice
Rev. Tegga Lendado
African environmental justice is long overdue. Africans need global leadership and personal commitment to save their children. Not only talk, but action! It is not about the usual so-called 'global warming' debate but the erratic African climatic crisis induced by its detrimental effects.

November 16, 2009
Is There Such a Thing as Agro-Imperialism?
Andrew Rice - The New York Times
Dr. Robert Zeigler, an eminent American botanist, flew to Saudi Arabia in March for a series of high-level discussions about the future of the kingdom’s food supply... The Saudis, rich in oil money but poor in arable land, were groping for a strategy to ensure that they could continue to meet the appetites of a growing population, and they wanted Zeigler’s expertise.

September 17, 2009
In the Name of Jesus: for Children of Ethiopians
Poem by Lemlem Tsegaw

September 16, 2009
Court strategy planned for 'People's March' permits during G-20
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Leaders from more than 40 local and national protest groups vowed to pack a federal courtroom and Pittsburgh City Council chambers today to send a message that they'll fight for the right to demonstrate Downtown during the Group of 20 economic summit.    read...

September 11, 2009
East African Human Rights Coalition Endorses September 13th March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa
The East African Human Rights Coalition (EAHRC) gives its full support to the upcoming March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa.  We are calling on all our members and associates to join with Ethiopians, Somalians and others in the Horn of Africa.    read...

Afar Human Rights Organization (AHRO) Endorses March for Freedom
(Frankfurt, Germany) The Afar Human Rights Organization gives its full support to the March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa. We encourage all our members, partners and friends to join other Ethiopians in this united effort, by the diverse people of Ethiopia, to show solidarity in bringing an end to our shared tyranny.    read... 

September 10, 2009
Evangelicals for Human Rights (EHR)
Joins With The Solidarity Movement For a New Ethiopia in Calling for an end to Genocide and Dictatorship in Africa   read... 

September 9, 2009
Minnesota Ethiopians to Join Pan-Ethnic Washington Protest on Sunday
Doug McGill
An unlikely, even unprecedented Ethiopian protest march will be held in Washington, DC this Sunday, bringing together for the first time members of many diverse Ethiopian ethnic groups.    read... 

September 8, 2009

Andinet North America Association of Support Organizations (ANAASO) is actively working with the
March 4 Freedom


Africa Action Endorses the “March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa;”    

Ethiopia: The Unhealthy Nation
Lemlem Tsegaw
As the American saying goes, “when it rains it pours” or the Ethiopian saying, “ke enkirt laye jero degif,” Ethiopians who are city dwellers were suffering from short of electricity, adequate medical care, and other items to meet their basic needs. Again for the last few weeks, it is reported that an acute epidemic is savagely affecting city dwellers many in Addis Ababa...  The people of Ethiopia are not only gravely impacted by the current  epidemic but by a system of governance that is poorly run to meet their daily needs including their safety.    read... 

September 7, 2009
Endorsement of the “March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa
Interim Task Force of Andenet Support Chapters in Europe
We, the members of the Interim Task Force of Andenet Support Chapters in Europe, fully endorse the upcoming “March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa" in Washington D.C., scheduled for September 13, 2009 in front of the United States Capitol.    read...

September 5, 2009
Support for the March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship
Benishangul Human Rights Foundation
The Benishangul Human Rights Foundation (BHRF) gives its full endorsement to the March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa to be held on September 13, 2009 in Washington DC and urges all members and friends to participate.    read...

August 25, 2009
Endorsement of the “March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa
Oromo American Citizen Council
We, the Oromo American Citizen Council, (OACC) fully endorse the upcoming “March to Stop Genocide and Dictatorship in Ethiopia/Africa in Washington D.C., scheduled for September 13, 2009 in front of the United States Capitol.    read...

August 18, 2009
Condemn racist remarks aimed at President Obama

August 7, 2009
Aiga Forum’s racism must not be condoned
Abbay Media

July 28, 2009
The Dangerous Hype behind the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (or Commodity Invasion?)
Seid Hassan
It is our hope that many Ethiopians have watched the PBS/WNET documentary film under the title of The Market Maker/Wide Angle. This documentary followed the Ethiopian economist, Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin who is the CEO of the relatively newly established Ethiopian Commodity Exchange. Many of us were waiting for the documentary to show us how the ECX could “… transform the Ethiopian economy by becoming a global commodity market of choice,” as claimed in the ECX’s main web page. That was not to be.   read...

June 10, 2009
I Dream For
A poem by Lemlem Tsegaw

April 25, 2009
The Tears of a Fallen Giant
Golto Aila
Tilahun Gessesse has been idolized by his fellow Ethiopians for his contribution to their musical culture – he was the King of Ethiopian music. He had never failed to stir strong emotions in his compatriots, whatever the theme of his songs! He cried for Ethiopia, in public with intense and painful display of emotions; he left buckets of tears that streamed from eyes as he cried for his Motherland - the question is “what will she do with those tears now that he is gone?”   read...

April 15, 2009
Draft of Anti-Terrorism Proclamation
Girma WoldeGiorgis, President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Authored in January, 2009, in Amharic and English (pdf)  read...

(Poem, pdf)

April 14, 2009
Three Decades of Ethiopian Resistance: Perspectives for Change
Maru Gubena
Almost all relatively professional institutions or political organizations see an evaluation – or a brief presentation of policy-related activities or past experience – as a healthy and even vitally important part of both growth and development, whether this involves the general public or individuals who are involved and interested in the organization’s activities.  read...

April 13, 2009
Reading the tea Leaves”
Alemayehu G. Mariam
President Obama made a historic speech to Turkish lawmakers last week, but his message was global in scope and contained nuggets of his foreign policy yet to unfold. The first chords of Pax Obama restore not only much needed sanity to U.S. foreign policy, but also erect new pillars that will support America’s future engagement with the rest of the world: Respect for American democratic values, respect for Muslims and the Islamic faith, respect for human rights and the rule of law, mutually shared respect among friends, and even respectful agreement to disagree with foes.  read...

April 12, 2009
Interview with Canadian MP Raj Chouhan
Addis Dimts Radio (English)
""  listen

Interview with Dr Gregory, President of Genocide Watch
Addis Dimts Radio (English & Amharic)
""  listen

April 11, 2009
With a Friend Like This
Ethiopia was supposed to help America in the war on terror. But it's only made matters worse.  read...

Interview with the President of Genocide Watch, Dr Gregory Stanford on Meles' Case
Voice of America
""  listen

April 10, 2009
The people who lost their way: Looking at the Consequences of “Going it Alone”
Maru Gubena
The problems facing Ethiopia and its people are too many and too complex to count or describe, but they all have been created and cultivated by the people themselves, as it is the group, the community and the society which are responsible for moulding and shaping our lives, cultures and habits – bringing up and socializing its children. Even those who show cruel, inhuman and destructive behaviours, such as the former dictator, Mengistu Hailemariam, or the current leader of the TPLF, Meles Zenawi, belong to and are an inseparable part and product of Ethiopian society.  read...

What Opposition?
Golto Aila
Many of you are, by now, familiar with my views regarding the players in the Ethiopian politics. I have also, on several occasions clearly stated that I have no political ambition either in my adoptive home country or in Ethiopia . My only reason for expressing views publicly is because of my concern about the ordinary people who have now become pawns in the cruel games played by the current regime and those who oppose them!  read...

April 9, 2009
Focus on one of the triplets of evil in Africa at G-20 Summit

Robele Ababya
Al Bashir of Sudan received instant support from his fuming buddies-in-crime in neighbouring Eritrea and Ethiopia as soon as the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant to Al Bashir of the Sudan. As the old adage goes, “Birds of the same feather flock together”. Meles ranks among top dictators of the stature of Al Bashir in committing genocide, crimes against humanity and gross violation of basic human rights. This time guilt has made the despotic leaders in the Horn of Africa to flock together like birds of the same feather.  read...

April 6, 2009
Saudi investors to put $100 mln into Ethiopia farm
T DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia, (Reuters) - A group of private Saudi investors plans to invest 375 million riyals ($100 million) to plant wheat, barley and rice in Ethiopia, one of the investors said. The three investors met Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi late last month, Mohamed al-Musallam, who chairs Dar Misc Economic and Administrative Consultancy firm, told Reuters.  read...

What Happened to Meles at the G20?
Straight Talk Africa - Voice of America
""  listen

Ending Tyranny In Africa
Black Star News Editorial
This is a golden chance for African countries to break free from the yoke of ruinous dictatorships so that the continent can for the first time benefit from its immense natural and mineral resources.  read...

April 5, 2009
What Next?
Golto Aila
Two days ago the world saw the leaders of G-20 come together to find solutions to the world economic malady. By all accounts, the first African-American President of the United States, on his first international summit, at a time the world is in its worst economic crisis since the great depression, gave that pessimistic world a great leadership, in a hopeful program to lift the world out of the current turmoil. A guest at this august summit, representing the continent of Africa was none other than the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. He was there as a representative of the under developed countries of Africa, but in fact was just an effort on the part of the British Prime Minister to show the world how much the West cares for the continent of Africa!  read... (pdf)

April 4, 2009
In Defense of the Ethiopian Coffee Exporters
Seid Hassan, Murray State University
The latest reports from Ethiopia indicate that Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has revoked the licenses of six of the country’s main coffee exporters, accusing them of hoarding the coffee supplies. Similar threats were passed on by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MoARD) during its meeting with over 90 coffee exporters that was held on March 26, 2009. It is now being reported that the government has confiscated 17,000 tons of stock of coffee involving about 88 other traders and has begun exporting coffee via the state-owned Ethiopian Grain Trade Enterprise.  read... (pdf)

April 4, 2009
The lion of Aiga too scared to roar at G20
Abebe Gellaw
It may be too disappointing for some folks to be told that a hyena or a fox is not expected to behave and act like a lion. If a poor hyena gets a chance to mix up with decent lions, the hyena may get puffed up and try to roar and walk like a lion. But all the effort is futile as no great cosmetic surgeon or a revered magician can do a miracle of transforming the poor beast into the king of the jungle. This is a reality of life that even the most ardent admirers of the hyena, those like the silly cheerleaders and propagandists blowing trumpets from mount Aiga, should live with.  read... (pdf)

March 30, 2009
Genocide Watch calls on UN to initiate action against Meles
Genocide Watch, the international campaign to end genocide, has called on United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Justice Navanathem, to initiate an investigation against the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi.   read...