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Ethiopians from various cities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia held a conference on Saturday to discuss and coordinate plans for the upcoming 5th anniversary of the Ethiopian Election Massacre.

The participants discussed and updated each other about the various events that are being organized throughout the month of November in remembrance of the those fellow Ethiopians who were gunned down by the Meles regime while peacefully protesting the election fraud and demanding respect of their vote.

One of the main events that are planned will be a worldwide conference that is scheduled for Sunday, November 7, 2010, in Washington DC.

Additionally, photo exhibitions, documentary films, songs, poems, and prayer services are being planned.

The global taskforce that is coordinating the remembrance as a moment to renew our resolve to struggle in unison by coming together and remembering that the sacrifice paid in blood and limbs by the martyrs of 2005 election was not made vain.

The taskforce will also hold a volunteers conference this coming Sunday at 4 PM Washington DC time and invites any patriotic Ethiopian to participate. The conference will 1) update participants on the planned worldwide events, and 2) receive feedback and suggestions.

As we approach the Month of November, the Global Task Force calls on all Ethiopia Democratic forces — political, civic, human rights, media groups, and others concerned groups — in each city and locality throughout US, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and others to come and work together in remembering the martyrs of 2005 election and the thousands of Ethiopians who perished in the hands of Meles Zenawi regime while struggling for freedom, justice, and democracy to prevail in Ethiopia.

To participate in Sunday’s teleconference please register by sending email with full name and phone number to tamagn@gmail.com or call 202 656 5117.

For further info: tamagn@gmail.com