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Humanity before Ethnicity

Ethiopia: Politicians Talk, Leaders Act

December 20th, 2009

By Dr G Bekele

Talking of leaders, Mr Obang Metho is one of the very few brilliant & passionate scholars and Ethiopian patriots who had worked tirelessly and put his heart, soul and so much time into writing excellent critiques, relevant articles, organising demonstrations, general public meetings, addressing the public, making useful speeches and representing Ethiopia’s just causes in front of world authorities to put us on the world scene. His strengths are an excellent eye for a topic, a carefully disguised core of reliable research, and a clear, uncomplicated and highly readable style and commonsensical approach. He is influential more by the body and direction of his writings and all the activities he was and still engaged in than by any grand thesis. He sounded to me, as if he is, a judicious patriotic and prolific writer that most I witnessed. Most Ethiopians must have always admired those model citizens like Obang Metho who jumps into turbulent seas and rivers to rescue drowning dogs like the oppressed Ethiopian people. I have read most of it and recognised all that he has written in good faith as an Ethiopian without seeking rewards in return and or flirting with those weak opposition political parties who still failed to recognise the good contributions of such patriotic intellect and hard working individual. Yes, what are required in a public man like him is sanity, sureness, an enormous capacity to understand complexity and an overwhelming grasp of the real. He is the man who did not shrink from giving the public a moral lead.

He says that let the people of Ethiopia speak and decide through the fair, free and democratic ballot if they should continue to be oppressed by Meles Zenawi, the foreign hired thugs and their mafia type bosses, the collaborators of venomous crimes, the west, who seeks Ethiopia to be ruled by Ethiopian enemies than the loyal, able and democrat Ethiopians. He says, we should learn from past mistakes. Shouldn’t we? We now have more and better choices like him and many others like him. Don’t we? I may sound a very old, bold Ethiopian politician, but Politics to me, has always been about having an affirmative and truthful agendas for changing our country, and the lives of our hopelessly oppressed people for the better. Otherwise, even the intellectuals or political scientists will become useless and “warriors of weirdness” in the end. Hence I say, heaven help us from such barmy aspirations if we fail to use good, wise and patriotic guys like him. As the title of this article clearly said too, we don’t need talking politicians but working leaders like Mr Metho and his likes. And to do that too, they all need your supports we don’t need talkative politicians but doers. Yes, when all other intellectuals who should have been role models make mistakes after mistakes and always talk but don’t take action, all hearts sinks. We need to appoint a “democratically minded strong men and women” to prevent the country from sliding into further division and anarchy or theocratic tyranny. As Dr Daniel Pipes once pointed out, “considering democracy took six centuries to develop in the west” hence we can hardly expect it to develop overnight in Ethiopia”. But it is high time that, we have to make a good start in all directions after the so-called three thousand years of freedom and good history of our country mother Ethiopia.
The TPLF’s so-called Albanian style democratic rule have brought Ethiopia and Ethiopians nothing but hunger, terror, division, disease, corruption, death, illegal imprisonment, hatred, ugly habits of utter lies, thefts of Ethiopian treasures, exiles of educated personnel, loss of sovereignty so on and so forth.

In general, the present regime whose the TPLF dissidents were part and parcel, have wiped all the smiles from people’s faces by continuously harassing the nation and abusing their power. They made us a nation of miseries, a generation of depressiveness and darkness. This despotic regime made Mother Ethiopia a ghastly place to live. The issue for me therefore is one not just of a one party democracy, like Tigrai, Oromia or Amhara region issue but also of public democracy for all Ethiopians and regions. One can only hope this kind of courage and integrity is contagious. As ever, and for some, the truth is more complex hence we are at loggerheads and at each other’s throats when we were supposed to have some grown up debates. I am amazed that some have not considered these ideas as feasible and logical explanation for Ethiopia’s future. Let us debate as good citizens. Justice needs real openness.

As Winston Churchill once said, “If you commit suicide in politics, you might live to regret it for the rest of your life”. Yes, in the very good old days, loyalty used to be regarded as the secret weapon of our governments and almost all of its citizens were aware of the damage that disunity and tribalism can cause. Now it is the opposite. Meles’s TPLF for that matter, cannot be allowed to go on and on clinging to the leadership simply because they and very few of their ill-advised and opportunist members and supporters fear that a regime change might reduce us to an even more parlous state than we are at present. We all want to get rid of all tribalist-diehards and replace them with an educated, experienced and loyal Ethiopian democrats. And that was I, Obang and few others advocated too? But what a pity, even most intellectuals out there still failed to deploy their eloquence in these matters. Very sad too?

In the shifty world of Ethiopian politics, one thing never changes. TPLF remains as corrupt, traitorous and incompetent as ever. These verbose and incompetent agents of the west are still allowed to rule the country and its dissidents are campaigning to join those other perpetrators of crimes against humanity instead of being tried for those crimes that was committed by all of them and by Meles under their noses. Once again, these windbags have demonstrated that they are at pretending, lying rhetoric, and hopeless at action. But TPLF and its dissidents remained paralysed, as they have been in the past nineteen years by feuds, rifts, and all those heinous crimes. They are a party of defeat and retreat too. In fact, they are increasingly and not truly national political party anymore but were and are agents of our natural enemies and the West. The TPLF or the dissident’s choice is no choice at all. They are still hungry though to create an independent Greater Tigrai away from the rest of their country, Ethiopia.

The dissidents track record in office is depressing and their inaction over so many inhuman policies including the giving away of our sea outlets, Assab, Eritrea, one of Ethiopia’s provinces and many others that Meles forced them to swallow down their selfish throats to agree with, are most depressing of all. They were oppressors and playground bullies not civilized leaders. But after seven years in office, they found out that Ethiopia was not a playground and Ethiopians are not as stupid as they thought hence started joining us in the struggle against their former friends in all sorts of crimes. These dissidents used to be rabid anti-Ethiopians for at least 25 years including the period they were in the struggle. They have terrorised and mercilessly murdered thousands of innocent Tigrians during their struggle and thousands of innocent Ethiopians after they came onto power. I do not want to go into details. Now, with their snouts in the trough, they are converted and are as committed as they could possibly be to be Ethiopians again and even claiming to be loyal patriots because they have opposed Meles’s agreement on the one and only thing: the Algiers Technical Arrangement. Ethiopian heroes too? What a sick joke? May be for Ethiomedia and the likes not ours. I say these without fear because; I am an Ethiopian patriot who has an essential job to do for a future democracy in our country, Ethiopia.

Therefore, I urge all Tigrian Ethiopians and in particular supporters of TPLF dissidents, to examine their consciences if any? Because these are the leaders of charlatans and chanters who are still trying to fool Tigrians by appointing same old and corrupt leaders in Tigrai recently not democrats and modern politicians. Hence be in no doubt that MEDREK are overtaking EPRDF. Be in no doubt too that MEDREK are with some of my reservation, the only credible challenge to the EPRDF government not the TPLF dissidents or other hundreds of liberation fronts and so-called parties that made Ethiopia look a land of brainless idiots that not many people know where they are and what they were doing in recent years, months and weeks. In my opinion, Meles and the dissidents are the future former TPLF and EPRDF leaders who were leading a government people have come to despise and curse. Hence we have to be very sensible not to supine, practical not prone. Intellectuals, who may become future leaders, have to be careful too never to be fooled by the kinds of interviews they hear on their pro-websites and radios that conduct to suit their hidden agendas and be cowardly in the process. We need to be bold not blundered. We need to appoint patriots and men of action like Obang Metho not talkers.

Mr Obang’s underlying messages were one of very practical and profound humanism. As we all know, this government was supposed to be a parliamentary democracy when they came to power. But what we have seen is a small clique with their families and friends driving us into a war, hunger, disease, ethnic divisions and hate among ourselves. Hence I urge all other patriots and intellectuals too, that they have to teach and advocate in terms of our Ethiopian values and vision for future Ethiopia not singing biased songs for their friends and favourite politicians who I criticised and hated for by some websites and readers. For me, and I suspect for him (Obang), it is simple enough to have courage and conviction to sacrifice for our nation and beloved country and leave a good lesson and proud legacy behind for the future generation. This is because, I believe, it is about creating a fair and just future for our oppressed brothers and sisters in our country. We need a more thorough going democratisation at every level. Power must flow downwards and outwards, with people equipped to wield it constructively. With devolved power, informed people and open public debate, I believe democracy can be created or remade in Ethiopia. Therefore, never again should there be such feeble and biased support for oppressors and useless politicians who cannot even read and write in time of the crisis they all brought upon us. Oh no, not again. Otherwise, we are all in danger of learning and leaving the wrong lessons.

Whatever cries and criticisms, I may get from dissidents or their supporters like Ethiomedia whose integrity and loyalty to all Ethiopians I questioned, I feel that we should continue to fight on our forward thinking agenda with MEDREK and all other fighters armed or otherwise in future. Otherwise, it would just be a catastrophic mistake if, if we continue bickering and allow cadres to continue to support TPLF dissidents and the regime. As I said in one of my articles before, “the so-called educated Ethiopians are really burying their heads in the sand as well, in the style and fashion perfected by Ostriches”. Therefore, the worst thing these intellectuals do at the moment is back off and back away on the future of Ethiopia, support extremists and bloody so-called liberation fronts like TPLF and others like them. We cannot tolerate anymore, betrayers like Lidetu Kihdetu, Chamiso and recently Hailu. Enough is enough!

There are some intellectuals who consider themselves ideologues but they are stupid and dogmatists. They think any change is betrayal. But they cannot distinguish between a set of values and the way in which they apply those values. I think they are a sad echo of a failed past of TPLF and the Dergue.

You often realize how insignificant any of them are. “Perhaps, people like them, don’t seem to value human lives very strongly these days” except publishing articles and others doing nothing good whatsoever but criticising those who do good things for our country. Nevertheless, I know for fact, that every family has the odd row but and unfortunately; we still need each other for there is no liberty without unity.  Little wonders, then that the public feel anxious and betrayed. Their past dictatorial behaviour towards the public who pose no threat has destroyed the great fund of goodwill and esteem that they have once enjoyed. But they are unwilling to leave their fate to the whim of the voters alone. On the other hand, our so-called democratic structures they created are collapsing slowly but inexorably and no intellectual or party seems to care so long as it is winning or securing some kind of government position or seats in that rubber stamp parliament. The present alienation of the public from mainstream parties and politics and the intellectual’s shameful flirting are extremely dangerous and demands honesty rather than hubris. We cannot anymore afford 2005’s ugly history to be repeated and allow TPLF to continue.

We have to have the courage to talk about TPLF’s dictatorship and treachery because that was and is precisely what the Ethiopian people were talking for over nineteen years. Otherwise, extremists will continue to reap the votes through vote rigging, fraud and force as in the past. They are all guilty of a “cynical abuse of power” and deserve the strongest possible condemnation not praises and supports as suggested me on many occasions. Hence let’s get rid of this terrible, repressive, racist, traitorous, ruthless bullies, corrupt regime and its dissidents in Ethiopia’s history. So, for God sake, who wants these monsters anymore? Finally, I say this. As I stated in my first paragraph, I admire Mr Obang Metho and luckily he admires me too, as you may read the short note below. His articles and critiques brought out his many outstanding qualities, both personal and professional. His consistence advocacy of accountable and fair governance in our country and many other speeches and prolific essays he published to date are of the highest standard by this Ethiopia’s patriotic child. He too, is God’s precious gift to mother Ethiopia at this crucial time. May others imitate the good examples he has set out as well?

Having said all that, in a conclusion too, yes, TPLF’s once popular leaders may be entering the denouncement of their tenure but have they regretted what they did and apologised for all the crimes they knowingly and intentionally committed too? I doubt it. To allow them to rule over Ethiopia again seems vaguely decadent when victims of their tyranny still rot in Ethiopian jails, others have disappeared, and the dead in Tigrai and elsewhere are not buried in dignity. Therefore, we too must draw a line and move on. The intriguing question is: why are some Tigrian Ethiopians still supporting TPLF and its dissidents, Ethiopia’s worst enemies, when there are hundreds and thousands of loyal, educated, highly experienced patriotic Tigrian Ethiopians are scattered all over the world who are very eager and committed to serve their region, Tigrai and their country, Ethiopia? I could not understand it at all but feel it is borne of racial, stupidity and sheer ignorance. Perhaps too, they are not interested a future fair for all. Hence the bizarre paradox is that TPLF leader’s dictatorship, treachery and tribalism seems to have a liberating effect on some Tigrian Ethiopians. I wonder why that was and still is too? For God sake, aren’t most of them Ethiopians at all? The question I keep asking myself is why, why and why? Can some genuine and patriotic Tigrian brothers and sisters out there tell me please? Please??

“Politics Divides Men, But a Good Meal Unites Them”

It’s Beggar’s Belief … But It’s True!

God Have Mercy On Our Tigrian Brothers & Sisters!

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