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Humanity before Ethnicity

I Dream For

I dream for a land where peace and prosperity flourish.
I dream for a society where the rich have no dominance
Nor act like an enchantress.
I dream for a city where the rich feel like simple citizens.
And the poor also feel that they too are denizens
Thus, they could have say
Or impact on the system, along the way.

I dream for a place where all creatures live in peace.

I dream for a home where there is harmony and respect.
I dream for children who are full of a free and happy spirit.
I dream for a country whose hills and meadows reflect caring
For the least among people without the shadow of doubt.

I dream for a land that is full of pristine forest.
Where my spirit can hide, renew itself, and rest.

I dream for a cool, misty, and darkened cave
Where I can contemplate and nourish my soul, with care.

I dream for a world so big and wide
Where there is no limit for anyone to hide

I dream for tolerance of diversity
Where no one feels another’s animosity.

I dream along in quiet peaceful hours
Of fresh, crisp, and honey-scented flowers
For me to smell when time allows

I dream for fame that has love without conditions
I dream for a country or a place
Where my spirit could rest in peace.

Source:  The Unheard Voice by Lemlem Tsegaw, 1994